How to Score in Golf?

Golf scores are counted differently from other sports like football, tennis, and others. In these games, the winner has the highest score, while the winner has the lowest score in golf and minigolf. Your golf score is the number of strokes you take to complete the hole. So if you want to know your final […]

Mini Golf Rules

If you are looking for friendly entertainment, then mini golf can be the ideal game for you. This mini golf is best enjoyed for golfers seeking friendly matches but can be taken more seriously as a competitive sport in various professional leagues. The mini golf comprises playing a ball from a tee to a hole […]

Different types of golf

Golf is one thrilling and refreshing game played as are creational sport to have fun with friends or family. The game is diverse with different types of golf games, for example Disc golf. Depending on your preference, you can choose what type of golf you play or participate in. So, what are the different types […]

Basic rules for golf

Golfers love rules and etiquette. Golf rules are considered too detailed and stringent. Many newbies find it a pretty hard rule to adopt in their early stages of discovering the game. Over the years, the rules have continued to become more favorable. The official golf rule book is 100 pages and quite detailed. In this […]

Golf etiquette rules

Golf is an increasingly popular sport throughout the world. The United States Golf Association defines golf as “a game in which a player use clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course using the fewest number of strokes.” Today we will talk about golf etiquette rules. Golf etiquette consists of general […]

Pro golf players

In a previous article, we recalled the Damai Indah golf Course where the Indonesian tour took place. This time we will focus on the PRO golf players who participated in this tournament. Gaganjeet Bhullar In the 2013 Indonesia Open, Gaganjeet Bhullar completed a wire-to-wire triumph to win his fifth Asian Tour title. He started the […]

Indonesia golf courses – Damai Indah Golf

Indonesia golf courses attract many beginners and profesional players. In this article, we will tell you about Damai Indah Golf pik course. The “Damai Indah Golf” (Pantai Indah Kapuk) has been designed to offer enriching new perspectives within this unique 72-par, 6,048-meter golf course by skillfully integrating the natural beauty of the coastal wetlands to […]

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