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Mini Golf Rules

If you are looking for friendly entertainment, then mini golf can be the ideal game for you. This mini golf is best enjoyed for golfers seeking friendly matches but can be taken more seriously as a competitive sport in various professional leagues. The mini golf comprises playing a ball from a tee to a hole by single stroke or strokes as per its rules. Anyone can play the game, including couples, teenagers, and even families. If you prefer regular golf, you can learn the basic rules for golf. However, just like any other sport or game, miniature golf has rules to guide the conduct of players and how players should play the game. If you want to know how to play golf and learn the mini golf rules check out the article.  

❓ How long does mini golf take

Mini golf can take about thirty to forty-five minutes to complete one golf round of eighteen holes. However, this time can vary depending on the number of players in a group. Some can be longer, while others are shorter than others.

Mini golf rules

Rules play a vital role in any game, and miniature golf is no exception. Here are the rules.

How to play mini golf? 11 Steps

Step 1 

The golf course has eighteen holes, and each of the holes is numbered by a serial number, so players should adhere to the holes’ order. 

Step 2

Both groups or just individual players can play the game. Three to four players are the maximum recommended occupation of a single hole.

Mini golf tips for two beginners

Step 3

Players can play consecutively in a sequence when playing as a group or alternate one another at every hole to let the player with a lower score from the previous score start. 

Step 4

Since players can walk through the holes as the game continues, the only entry to the course is allowed in clean and dry footwear. 

Step 5

The player must play the ball at a first stroke from the base field before the brickworks. 

One ball and eight clubs

Step 6

The ball must be put in the above area in mini golf by the whole volume. 

Step 7

When a player moves the ball, the ball will be considered as a ball in the game. 

Step 8

Players should place no objects in the space of the whole hole during the game. The expression of the hole includes the whole playing space, including all objects. 

How long does mini golf take

Step 9

Players should not play the ball in the air, and the ball must remain in contact with the well’s surface except for the holes where the ball will put the well in the air like small watercourses. 

Step 10

A player can play without penalty from a point where a ball jumps out of the court area and returns to the playing field only if the ball is located from a distance not more than twenty centimeters from the board. 

Step 11

When the ball jumps out of the playing field to the outside of the playing area. Players must position the ball within twenty centimeters of the mantinel at the point where the territory is abandoned, and the other player can put it back to the base field. It should be as close as possible to the slope. 

How to play mini golf rules

Rules of the stroke play

  • The winner is the game competitor who plays the required rounds in a few strokes.
  •  There is a five-stroke limit per game.
  • A player will get a one-stroke penalty if the ball jumps far away; the player should play the next shot from the spot where the ball jumps away. 
  • A player will get a free pay and ball from the spot if the ball is snuggled into an obstacle. But not near the hole. 
  • Without penalty, the player can move the ball six inches from the hazard or a rail.

Equipment rules

  • All mini-golf participants should use equipment provided by their respective clubs.
  • All Participants should also use the ball provided, not their own

How to score points in mini golf

The goal of every mini golf player is to get the ball in the hole in just a few strokes, as this makes keeping the score easy. To score, you need to count the number of shots it might take you to get the ball in the hole. There are, however, some things to keep in mind as you play. You can use the mini golf scorecard to calculate your points.

Mini golf scorecard
  • Every stroke is a point in the game.
  • Every player takes their first turn before anyone takes a second one when playing in a group
  • The maximum group size 4

Mini golf tips and strategies

Here are the mini-golf strategies. 

1. Get a lay of the land.

Before you putt, you need to walk from the tee to the hole and check if there are any obstacles like slopes and water traps. It will be even of great help to watch your fellow players playing ahead of you and learn from what they experience. That will help you avoid making the same mistake. 

2. Choose your putter

That is the essential tip. It would help if you always chose the right putter. While you can pick any putter, there are things to consider before picking your putter. The most important consideration is picking a putter with a suitable height. A perfect one runs from your shoe to the waistline. Also, ensure that the top of the putter is around belt level, as it will help you for a comfortable swing. 

Golf ball is rolled into the hole

3. Do not play with power but with finesse.

In mini-golf playing, one rule applies, there is always an equal opposite reaction for every reaction taken. You can complete every hoe in just a few strokes. While playing is not time to show off what you can like driving the ball the furthest distance from the tee. Remember, if you do so, you can end up knocking somebody. Therefore, do not use much power. 

4. Play the angles

Obstacles will always be there from the tee to the hole. These should not put you down but rather build your confidence. When you see that first obstacle, the wall will be your friend; look at the edge of the walls to get the best spot to aim at. 

5. Do not focus on the negative.

While playing mini-golf, you should be positive. Be positive and think about winning and not missing the strikes. Always visualize yourself thinking about the putt before taking a stroke. 


Playing golf can seem easy, but then the truth is there are strategies, tips, and mini golf rules that will help players perform better. Every mini-golf course provides a unique experience with obstacles in every hole. With the above tips, the game will be full of fun. Here you will find mini golf sport federation.

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